Is your supply chain secure?

What if you could dominate market visibility in your ACQUISITIONS and nail down SUPPLY? 


Procuring and marketing goods & services 

is what we do. 

We serve the Mining, Energy and Infrastructure sectors.

How can we help you?

Our clients include operators, development banks, investors, engineers, contractors, manufacturers,  and warehousers & transporters who together form part of a complete supply and demand chain. Our job is to advise, facilitate, and ultimately help these members (each a buyer and a supplier in their own right) to achieve their operational, project and investment targets.

Our objective is to provide buyers and seller security of supply by ensuring the facilities we extend as brokers at its core matches seller to buyers preferences, and vice-versa. 

Its a simple and robust premise that helps us deliver results without complications. 


We are capable of building key trading pipelines between suppliers and associated end users , brokering key services in the supply channel for our most demanding clients in the most challenging conditions.




>Competitive Pricing

>Supply Chain Optimization

>Ethical Sourcing

>Due Diligence


Industry specific knowledge,

Trusted relationships with refineries, mills, mines, manufacturers, and transporters, and other key members of the supply chain.

Long standing working relationships with established  global law firms and top 50 world banks.

Teams speak, French, Spanish, English, Dutch, Portuguese




From facilitating to executing momentum, we combine due diligence and speed to solve your business challenges.

Extraction and Production


Our teams broker the exchange (Spot and Term contracts) of bulk commodities between Buyers and Sellers through our existing  and ever developing network of traders, mills, and warehouses located at key supply hubs around the world.

In addition we perform both procurement and marketing on behalf of clients for contractor services and industrial goods.

To complete our services our people perform advisory work for clients wishing to develop and invest in capital projects around the world.

Due diligence

Clients seek us out to ensure target pricing match their risk tolerance

To do that we perform the up-stream and down stream review of both buyers and suppliers as well as their trading agents to provide all parties real and executable opportunities


Energy Projects


Services we perform, carefully considers, financial capacity of players, countries of origin and active embargoes between nations that may limit ability to close deals and ensure international standards such as the Kimberly Accords, SAPIN II, US EXPORT CONTROLS, among others are adhered to when trading in precious minerals.

Equally due to certain commodities being subject to fraud, we ensure all compliance is met through rigorous evaluation of the logistics conditions and inspection certification requirements.

On-demand digital downloads

In addition to our services we also produce FREE and paid content for companies wishing to go at it alone.

For this we've joined forces with APPSUMO and Payhib to be our delivery partners.

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 Water irrigation project for rice cultivation


Meet the team

It's with integrity, know-how, and trust that our people generate and sustain business growth. We depend on our partners and associates in-depth knowledge to leverage our collective network towards excelling in the competitive commodities trading market.

Be it partners or associates, the people we work with come from a broad range of backgrounds and diverse cultures that enable us to match our clients with their respective buyers or sellers, thereby surpassing expectations.

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